Monday, August 14th, 2017

Coat: YDE, Sweater: Woolworths, Jeans: Zara, Heels: Zara, Bag: Zara

Guys happy Monday!

Oh, glorious Monday, how I long for you. Said no one ever… until Game of Thrones season 7 started. By now you should all know of my love for that show, my countless references to winter is coming is obvious enough. But really GOT makes Mondays cool again, thanks guys. Other than that, it means one closer to the weekend…yea a bit of a stretch I know.

Have a good Monday

P.S These Zara block heels are life

Brown booties

Monday, August 7th, 2017

Brown booties

Cardigan: Mango, Top: Woolworths, Jeans: Zara, Booties:Mango

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I enjoyed mine wearing these cute brown booties which are a must have in any wardrobe.

Thank goodness, it’s started getting warmer and I’m not forced to wear tonnes and tonnes of layers. It’s also scary knowing that summer is around the corner, aka the end of the year, aka what the heck happened to 2017? It makes you take a step back and really look at what you achieved. Another year doing the same old thing? Did you accomplish something new? What is it you still need to achieve before the year is gone. Deep stuff I know, just thought I would drop some wise wisdom for your Monday.

So basically, if you need too, get your but in gear and make 2017 the best year yet


Brown booties

Brown booties

White Winter

Monday, July 31st, 2017

White Winter

Sweater: Cotton On, Jeans: Zara, Booties: Aldo

White Winter

White Winter

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