Aldo MX

Monday, November 6th, 2017

Aldo MX

Sweater:Topshop, Denim Skirt:Factorie, Sneakers:Aldo, Bag:Aldo

Yes, I’m alive.

I know I do this MIA thing quite often and its honestly something I’m trying to work hard at not doing.

However, life does get in the way, I have some huge life changes happening and it’s been a bit of a process. After being engaged for 2 years, David and I have started working on wedding planning and we have limited time to finalise some big-ticket items. The rush is due to another huge life changing event, no I’m not pregnant.

That news, ill share at a later stage, but for now can we take a moment for these Aldo sneakers? I had been eying these for a while on Instagram and was super amped when they arrived in SA. Yes, pink sneakers get me really amped!

I’m not ashamed to admit that I have been wearing these allot, like allot allot. They are just so comfy, I can’t take them off my feet.

Did I mention they are pink?

Aldo MX

Aldo MX

Aldo MX

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